Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2020
9, 10 & 11

We have worked on changes to our original planning, adjusting to the conditions presented by the “new normality”. Although Confuror 2020 continues running and still keeps its original dates on October 9, 10 and 11, we are still attentive to the communications from the government and public health instances at the State and Federal levels; because the health and safety of all is our priority.

Some of the measures that will be taken include

  • Mandatory use of face cover in the event areas
  • Periodic sanitization of the event areas
  • Rotation access in busy areas of the event
  • Online simultaneous event for those who cannot join us face-to-face (Confuror membership required)

In addition, a readjustment of rooms and capacity of the event is under negotiation; for this reason we have not been able to confirm the participants of our sales and exhibition areas. We are sorry for the delay in confirming the participants and we thank you again for your patience. The selection results will be notified as soon as possible.

We will be prepared to receive in the best conditions all those who can join us in person this year and we hope it can be as much fun as any other.

Why is the event not cancelled or changed?

Despite the fact that today we live in a situation that is not very suitable for the realization of an event like Confuror, the projections for the last quarter of the year do not favor the alternative of changing dates or cancellation. At the time of this writing, the phase 0 of the Jalisco Plan for Economic Reactivation published in May, remains in effect. This contemplates and promotes the realization of cultural and tourist events during the month of October in our state. This is a determining factor in negotiating a change in the contracts we have with our providers and prevents us from stopping the current flow of the event without assuming a loss of resources that would compromise the continuity of the event in the future.

Fase 0 del Plan Jalisco para la reactivación económica, pg. 70

Page 70 of the Jalisco Plan for the Economic Recovery, Phase 0 (in spanish) [Click here to find the rest]

That is why we will redouble our efforts in the sanitary measures of the event and we will remain alert to any change in the indications of our government authorities. We trust that we will gradually come out of this situation and we remind you how important it is to take care of yourself today, as we want to see you again.

What can I do with my membership this year if I no longer plan to attend?

We know that the plans of many will have changed during this year; while we have not been able to reschedule the dates for Confuror 2020, we want to offer some alternatives for those who will not be able to join us, which represent a support to the event organization in exchange for some rewards. We are aware that not everyone can opt for them and we appreciate your registration, keeping available the option of total refund (as specified in our Terms of Service) hoping to see you in the future.

If you have a Confuror 2020 membership but are unable to attend this edition or are not sure you can, you may choose to:

Transfer your membership to the 2021 edition; the balance of your membership will be refunded with a coupon for 2021 and you will have access to the online streaming we will have this year.

  • Coupon for 2021 of value corresponding to the 2020 entry
  • Access to early registration dates for 2021
  • Access to Confuror 2020 online streaming

Request a partial refund; you decide the amount you want to be refunded, either as a transfer to your account or as a balance for 2021, supporting the organization of the event with the rest.

  • Coupon for 2021 of value corresponding to the chosen balance or transfer of that balance to a bank account
  • Access to early registration dates for 2021
  • Access to Confuror 2020 online streaming
  • Recognition of your support in the transmission credits

Donate your ticket to the event; the value of your ticket will help us to keep Confuror going during this and the next years, in exchange we offer you some gifts:

  • Commemorative pin to support the COVID-19 situation
  • Gifts originally included in your package
  • Access to Confuror 2020 online streaming
  • Special recognition in the streaming credits and event page
  • Access to early registration dates for 2021

You have until September 1st to decide. If your plans change after that date, the alternatives described in our Terms of Service still apply. To apply for any of these options, send an email to with your registration details and the option you wish to redeem. If you have already requested to transfer your balance to 2021 previously during this year, you can still count on the benefits described here.

If you are selected in our sales and exhibition dynamics or you have suscribed to any other of our activities in which you wanted to participate, and you decide to opt for any of the previous options, your place will be preserved for the next edition of Confuror.

Take care of yourself! We want to see you in Confuror

Either this year, or next year, or later, but we want to see you again… or for the first time. That’s why it’s important to take care of ourselves in these wich, as we all hope, will be the last days of the pandemic.

Your home awaits you.

Confuror 2020 direction board.

We want to see you in Confuror, picture by Nathaniel Ramirez